Terms & Conditions

iMedical Pathology is an online pathology order service.  By using its services, you are agreeing to the below terms and conditions:

You agree that a lab test purchased through Imedical does not constitute medical advice and will not diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or condition. You understand the service provided by Imedical is a service provided at your request and not suggested by our Medical staff.  As an online service, we do not have a traditional doctor-patient relationship.

The results are legally private and only sent to you. We recommend interpretation by your GP for all results. 

We will always maintain strict confidentiality regarding your medical records in accordance with the law. No one will receive a copy of your results without your written permission.

Certain Infectious diseases are notifiable to the Health Department by the Laboratories. This is done for statistical information purposes, not to identify patients.

Refund Policy. Refunds may be performed within 7 days from date of purchase, unless specimens have already been collected. 

We do not perform Paediatric  collections with this service, even with Parental consent. Users must be over 18 years.