Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an appointment?

No, appointments are not needed. Pathology is first come, first served. Just take the printed referral to any of our affiliated labs and they will see you next.

Are there any other charges?

No, iMedical pays all pathology bills, so you have nothing more to pay.

Where do I go?

Our affiliated Laboratories are all over Australia. See a list of our collection centres here:

Collection Centers

Can I use another not listed Lab?

No, while the collector may say they can accept our form, you will likely be sent a private bill from any non-affiliated lab. Only use our affiliated Laboratories.

I can't find a test

Try the search function if you need help finding a specific test in the 'Build Your Own' list.

Test Search

Be aware that using our pre-made panels for commonly grouped tests may be cheaper.

Do I need to sign up for an account or download an app?

No. You can order as a Guest, this is a very quick in and out system. You also have the option to create a dashboard. Regardless, we only ask for the bare minimum of personal information from you.

How do I get results?

Results are emailed, and a link to a PDF download is also provided to your mobile phone. If you have set up a personal dashboard the results will also be posted here, along with comprehensive information about the tests you have ordered.

Formal NATA-accredited results are provided that will be accepted at any medical facility if needed.

Can't I just get these for $15 or $40 from an online telehealth provider?

No, there must be a documented medical reason for a Dr to order Medicare or insurance funded tests. It needs to be for your immediate health or an ongoing medical condition. Medicare and insurance have strict rules regarding this.

Thus a Dr will decide if tests are appropriate and then ‘vouch’ they are so by signing off on them with their own forms. Telehealth is no different.

It is much like prescribing a drug, just because a person may want it and consider it's needed doesn’t mean it is appropriate and a Dr will simply provide.

iMedical completely removes this barrier. You can order any tests you wish without question.

Do I need to fast?

If required, a list of fasting tests will be included in the referral email once ordered at the bottom.

Please note: The 'yes/no' boxes on the referral are for the Collector/Nurse to tick after asking you of your fasting status.

Any Problems

If anything ever doesn't seem right just contact us by email. Email is always better than phone as we will immediately have clear and concise information to help. Phone calls can be hard to gain accurate and clear info. For instance, if results are taking longer than expected, we can easily investigate and sort it out or advise on status.

Email quick responses are provided 7 days a week.

Does iMedical collect my credit card information?

No credit card data is stored with us. All payments are processed with the SecurePay payment gateway. SecurePay is a trusted online payment gateway provider in Australia (a part of Australia Post).

When you click the 'order now' button, a secure link between your device and Securepay opens. imedical doesn't receive this information. Their payment gateway ensures that credit card data is transmitted securely and no credit card data is stored.