iMEDICAL Australia wide Online Self-request Pathology Service.

We provide Comprehensive Blood Testing Australia wide


Direct Access Pathology

Also known as patient-requested testing, Direct Access Pathology allows the public to initiate management of their health concerns without a referral.

No unnecessary data requested 

iMedical Pathology services is committed to providing you with quality health information in a private and secure environment.

No Medicare - no linking of Patient data. No app download needed - no access to your operating system.

NATA accredited Laboratories

We are a direct access testing program using trusted Australian NATA accredited Laboratories.

Find your nearest Pathology collection center.

Easy to understand reference ranges for abnormal and normal are supplied with results.

Abnormal results are reviewed behind the scenes by a AHPRA Registered Dr and if applicable we will assist into the appropriate medical care.

Easy access to your test data

Option to register with your first order at the checkout to gain a deeper understanding about the tests you have had performed.

Simply order your pathology tests

  • Order your tests
  • We email you a pathology request
  • Have your bloods taken at a collection center close by
  • Results by email and SMS*

*Routine tests usually in 24 – 36 hrs. Rarer tests may take longer. Results processed 7 days a week, 5am to 8pm

  • New functions for Doctors, Health Professionals and Allied Health:


We do not diagnose, treat, or prescribe generally as part of this service. Our Tele-Health Dr service has exceptions for some medications.

There are multiple factors that go into a diagnosis and it is best left to consult with your Dr. The results are confidential and only sent to you. We recommend interpretation by your GP.

Users of this service must be 18 years and over. We do not perform Paediatric collections with this service, even with Parental consent.

Medicare and Insurance:

In order for Public money such as Medicare and Insurance to be spent on testing a Dr has to clinically assess whether tests are necessary or appropriate for your immediate health or an ongoing Medical condition.

There are very strict rules regarding this. There must be a reason for a Dr to order a test if charging Medicare and Insurance. Much the same as prescribing a drug, there must be a reason. A reason the Dr has decided, not the Patient.

The Dr then provides their Provider number on the form to ‘vouch’ this is so. Medicare can and does audit Drs for unnecessary requesting on M/C. Medicare also has very strict limits on the amount of testing and tests allowed. 

This is why Drs will refuse ‘self-requested’ tests whether consulted online or in person. To be fair Drs will do their best but just are bound by these rules.

With iMedical you have absolutely every right to order whatever tests you like as a private consumer and we are happy to facilitate this for you.

  • No Doctors consult needed
  • No additional fees or surprise Pathology bills in the mail
  • Any test you want
  • Easy, seamless and fast

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