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With iMedical you now can now self-request the same Pathology services your Dr uses.

Take a deeper look at your health with Online Lab tests

Order private blood tests online including hormone tests and all pathology.

Results to email and SMS

Seamless, Fast, Easy!

Take charge, health care on your own terms. Your Body. Your right to health data!

3 Easy Steps

  • Order your pathology tests below and Print out your pathology form
  • Visit a Collection Center near you. No extra charges or Lab fees
  • Results by email and SMS to you within 24-48 hrs. Rarer tests may take longer


Australia's Largest Direct-access Pathology Company

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Or take a look at our range of Blood Test Panels

Save time & money! Our most requested Blood Tests are available as Panels so you can order grouped tests and then add in additional tests if wanted. Please choose from the categories below.

Easy to understand reference ranges for abnormal and normal are supplied with results

Abnormal results are reviewed behind the scenes by a AHPRA Registered Dr and if applicable we will assist into appropriate Medical care.

No extra charges or Lab fees

NATA accredited Pathology. Australia wide

We are a direct access testing program using trusted NATA accredited Laboratories.

No Medicare card needed

No GP consult or referral required

No test refused

No Medicare - no linking of patient data 

iMedical Pathology services - Giving you direct access

Self request Pathology services are a great way to initiate any concerns you may have regarding your health. 

You don't need to feel unwell or have symptoms to benefit. Blood Tests are for many reasons, including  Allergies, Immunity and Pregnancy. Or just simple curiosity. It is a good thing to know your health. 

Comprehensive Pathology testing direct to you.

Testing available directly to consumer for Nursing placements, workplace immunity status and course placements. Formal Pathology referrals provided. Forms emailed instantly with results emailed and sent by SMS urgently with no other charges. iMedical pays all Pathology bills.

NATA accredited Laboratory reports supplied that will be accepted by any facility.