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Comprehensive & private, order blood tests, hormone tests and all pathology online. Take a deeper look at your health.

No GP referral required.
No additional fees.
Ultra fast results.

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to order your Blood Tests

  • Order your tests & print your pathology request
  • Visit a Collection Center near you.
    No extra fees of any sort
  • Results by email & SMS to you within 24-48 hrs. *Rarer tests may be longer
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Easy to understand reference ranges for abnormal and normal tests supplied with all results

Abnormal results are reviewed by a AHPRA Registered Doctor and if applicable we will assist into appropriate medical care.

No extra charges or Lab fees

NATA accredited Pathology. Australia wide

We are a direct access testing program using trusted NATA accredited Laboratories.

No Medicare card needed

No GP consult or referral required

No test refused

No Medicare - no linking of patient data 

iMedical online Pathology ordering - Giving access to your inner health

Blood Tests are ideal for you to start understanding your inner health at whatever your stage of life, a comprehensive Health Check can give you valuable insights into your health and well-being.

You don't need to feel unwell or have symptoms to benefit. Blood Tests can identify problems early, enabling you to take action and take charge of your health.

Blood tests are generally not particularly male or female specific, tests are tests and the human body is all made of the same stuff. There are some exceptions such as PSA for men or pregnancy tests for women. Some conditions may be more common in women such as low ferritin or iron and thyroid disorders. Men can be more at risk of Cardiovascular disease. But otherwise pathology is pathology. We all have the same hormones and biochemistry. With general hormones we all have the same ones, just at different levels. 

Dr is best

    If in normal health it isn't necessary to have blood tests too often, once a year for basic check ups is fine. The exception would be if managing an ongoing medical condition or keeping an eye on something.

    It must be said that really your GP is the best place to go for your health check. Your GP can take a personal and family history so could possibly flag any unknown areas and then also review the results in context with your physical health.

    Your body, your information

      This doesn't remove your right to access whatever test you would like to do. It is your blood, your arm and your money.

      If you want to know a particular reading then nobody should have the right to tell you you are not allowed to access your own body. With Medicare and insurance it is different as public money just cant be thrown around for no medical reason. 

      Peace of Mind with Blood analysis

      • You may want to investigate a condition that runs in the family
      • Check something that Medicare will not cover
      • Check something you cannot get a referral for
      • Or just gain some peace of mind, identifying any risks that you may suspect rightly or wrongly. It is your right to know.

      Whatever your reason, we have a comprehensive range of Blood and other Pathology Tests designed to give access to your health which can then be taken to your Dr for further investigation if warranted.

      iMedical offer comprehensive Full Blood Testing and Pathology Services for

      • Hormone Testing , Sports Hormone Testing, Bodybuilding and PEDs use testing
      • Thyroid Checks, Iron and Heavy metals testing
      • STD Testing, Immunity status testing and blood group testing
      • Health and well-being checks
      • Immunisation 
      • Comprehensive Pathology testing & Full Blood Count Tests available