Partner Clinic Panels

Primarily set up for our Partner Clinics, these specific Pathology panels are also available to anyone wishing to order a blood test.

Private Clinic Pathology services.
Clean efficient systems.

3 Easy Steps

to order your Blood Tests

  • Order your tests & print your pathology request
  • Visit a Collection Center near you.
    No extra fees of any sort
  • Results by email & SMS to you within 24-48 hrs. *Rarer tests may be longer

iMedical Clinic Services

Forward custom referrals directly from device.

New systems for Doctors, Health Professionals and Allied Health clinics. Create custom referrals and send to Patients with ease. View test results, order history, test information and much more all in one place.

See our demo on just how easy it is to manage your client pathology.

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Easy to understand reference ranges for abnormal and normal tests supplied with all results

Abnormal results are reviewed by a AHPRA Registered Doctor and if applicable we will assist into appropriate medical care.

No extra charges or Lab fees

NATA accredited Pathology. Australia wide

We are a direct access testing program using trusted NATA accredited Laboratories.

No Medicare card needed

No GP consult or referral required

No test refused

No Medicare - no linking of patient data 

Order Blood Tests Online

Order Confidential Pathology for your patients - Blood tests, Hormone tests and more.

Are you a Dr, Practice or Health Clinic?

Are you a Clinic or a non-medicare billing Dr or Practice that now operate all over Australia with telehealth consults and need a way to flick pathology referrals instantly to Patients without fuss, no matter where they are? Then have us do any result chasing and compiling and neatly present reports in a single dashboard?

imedical have streamlined these pathology ordering services for you.

This service can be used by all related Health

Services for Naturopaths to order blood tests easily. imedical can take over the Dr oversight compliance of grossly abnormal results and provide registered Dr safety backup for review of these results. 

No extra charges

iMedical offers a No Extra Charge Pathology self request service. Your Patients and Clients know exactly how much it is, no surprising bills turning up later in the mail upsetting your Patients and then having them angry with you for 'not advising them of charges' and such.

Accepted by all Facilities 

All pathology reports are are readily acceptable by any medical practitioner. Reports are not transcribed in the form of 'dashboard' style results, but rather in the formal original detailed pathology reports directly from the Lab.

An AHPRA registered iMedical Doctor will intervene immediately if your results suggest an urgent problem.

Simply order your referral here, print the referral and attend a collection center.

Simple, efficient and easy

Appointments are not required. Results sent by email and/or SMS directly to Patient and to your Clinic dashboard. Simple, efficient and easy!