• COVID-19 Test Request (Coronavirus)

COVID-19 Test Request (Coronavirus)

Tele Consult with Doctor - This service is to assess if you are eligible for the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Test.

A Doctor must decide if you meet the criteria before we can issue you a referral for the COVID-19 PCR test.

This is test is different to the usual 'self-order' imedical service.

If referral is granted, the COVID-19 test is an additional $88.00

Available at NSW and QLD  labs only at present

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Due to shortages of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) test reagents at Laboratories, the Health Department has put strict regulations in place for all COVID-19 testing to avoid unnecessary testing. This is a short term measure at this point in time and could change.

Covid-19 Test Criteria:

This test only covers an initial consultation with one of our Doctors by phone. The doctor will do an assessment according to the Health Departments guidelines. The initial consultation will cost $19.00

Once you place an order for the Tele Consult, we will call you within the hour if before 8pm EST

If you are then approved to have the COVID-19 test, we will provide you with a referral for the test which costs $88.00.

Please do not be upset with our Doctors if the referral is not granted. We would prefer to test everyone, but we must follow the Health Departments regulations.

The $19.00 Tel-Consult fee is non-refundable. This fee is to cover the costs of providing this service. Our Doctors will be available throughout this crisis and be dealing with many enquiries.

Collection Centers:

Once your referral is granted and ordered, you will need to visit one of the dedicated NSW/QLD/ACT Pathology collection points, see links below. Please follow the instructions present on their particular links.


Press: Clinical Labs

Press: Laverty

Press: Medlab


Press: QML

Please Note: Appointments must be made first before attending the collection centre. This rule is in force for all Corona Virus Testing centers and is different from the usual Pathology services. These dedicated collection centers are unable to collect for other tests if you have an additional referral.