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iMedical offers online blood tests without a referral. Order your private blood tests, hormone tests and all Pathology online.

Your right to access health data

3 Easy Steps

to order your Blood Tests

  • Order your tests & print your pathology request
  • Visit a Collection Center near you.
    No extra fees of any sort
  • Results by email & SMS to you within 24-48 hrs. *Rarer tests may be longer

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Save Time & Money! Our most requested Blood Tests are available as Panels - you can order grouped tests at a discounted price, and if you need additional tests, add tests as required.

Want to tailor your tests? Choose our Build Your Own Panel and order only the tests you need.

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Easy to understand reference ranges for abnormal and normal tests supplied with all results

Abnormal results are reviewed by a AHPRA Registered Doctor and if applicable we will assist into appropriate medical care.

No extra charges or Lab fees

NATA accredited Pathology. Australia wide

We are a direct access testing program using trusted NATA accredited Laboratories.

No Medicare card needed

No GP consult or referral required

No test refused

No Medicare - no linking of patient data 

Easy access to your test data

Option to register with your first order at the checkout to gain a deeper understanding about the tests you have had performed.

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Order your Blood Tests Online in Australia - NATA accredited and private.

iMedical makes getting your blood work done seamless and quick.

Ordering lab tests online with iMedical means

  1. No need to pay a fee for a doctor or telehealth consultation to try and convince to order a test
  2. You can order any blood test you want.
  3. Your body, your right to access your health data.

We don't say no

Medicare and insurance limit GPs' blood test orders to only necessary tests. Medicare and insurance have strict rules regarding this. Telehealth is no different

In other words, a GP must have a documented reason to order pathology tests, such as for your immediate health or an ongoing medical condition.

iMedical private pathology removes this barrier. You can order any tests you wish without question.

We can help whether you are curious about your current health or want to follow up on previous tests.

  • You may want to investigate a condition that runs in the family
  • Check something that Medicare will not cover
  • Check something you cannot get a referral for
  • Or just gain some peace of mind, identifying any risks that you may suspect rightly or wrongly

No extra bills - No extra fees

iMedical referrals and testing are paid for in full when ordered. You will not receive other surprise bills from Pathology in the mail. iMedical pays all Pathology bills.

Quick & Seamless

With iMedical, select the tests you want, and we will email you the pathology request instantly. You can then present the request to a pathology collection center near you and have your blood tests completed.

We email your routine test results in approximately 24-48 hours, usually the next day. Rarer tests may take longer.

Order tests that you need without wasting money on unwanted tests.

All pathology reports are sent to you in a format suitable for your doctor's review if you wish. Formal NATA-accredited results will be accepted at any medical facility if needed.

Doctor tele-health review service

iMedical offers an optional Doctor tele-health review service that can help you better and more accurately understand your test results. If you need help understanding the possible context of your results and what they may or may not indicate, we are here to assist you.