Private Blood Tests

Take a deeper look at your health

Take a Pro-active approach to your Health Care with iMEDICAL. Empower yourself, you now have the tools to take charge of your health. 

You can now order your own private blood tests, hormone tests and all Pathology.

3 Easy Steps

To order your own Pathology tests

  • Order your pathology tests below
  • Print out your pathology form
  • Visit a Collection Center near you

Results emailed to you within 24-48 hrs

Rarer tests may take longer


Australia's Largest Direct-access Pathology Company

Over 19,300 episodes completed

No extra charges or Lab fees

NATA accredited Pathology. Australia wide

No GP referral required

No Medicare card needed

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iMedical Blood Testing - Build Your Own Pathology Tests

Look after your Well-being & gain Peace of Mind

Order your own Blood Tests Online in Australia - NATA accredited and confidential.

imedcial makes getting your own blood work done simple and quick. No need to wait in a waiting room. Just select the tests you want, we will email you the pathology request where you can present to a pathology collection center near you and have your blood tests completed. We email your results in approx 24-48 hours, usually the next day. Rarer tests may take longer.

Highly flexible Pathology ordering. You can tailor tests to exactly what you need without wasting money on unwanted tests.

  • You may want to investigate a condition that runs in the family
  • Check something that Medicare will not cover
  • Check something you cannot get a referral for
  • Or just gain some peace of mind, identifying any risks that you may suspect rightly or wrongly. It is your right to know.

Whatever your reason, we have a comprehensive range of Blood Tests designed to give access to your health which can then be taken to your Dr for further investigation if warranted.

iMedical offer comprehensive Blood Testing and other Services for

  • Hormone Testing for Men & Women
  • Sports hormone testing
  • Body Building and PEDs blood tests
  • Thyroid checks
  • Iron Studies and Heavy Metals blood testing 
  • Health & well-being checks
  • STI testing
  • Immunity, Diabetes, Blood Group testing
  • Immunisations

iMEDICAL Self-request Pathology Services

Blood and Hormone Testing across Australia
  • No other charges or Lab fees 
  • Pathology services Australia wide - NSW, VIC, QLD, ACT, SA, TAS, WA and NT
  • A completely confidential, non judgemental, blood testing service.