Ordering pathology with iMedical vs TeleHealth

by iMedical

Tuesday April 9th 2024

Ordering pathology with iMedical vs TeleHealth-imedical-blood-tests-08

The iMedical difference

Learn about the difference between ordering blood tests online with iMedical and TeleHealth.

We get asked this a lot so thought it a good place to describe the rules and conditions to Medicare and Insurance funded testing as there is a lot of confusion in the community.

Medicare and Insurance rules

Medicare and insurance will only fund tests if they are necessary for your immediate health or an ongoing medical condition. A Dr decides this based on your symptoms and then if they consider it appropriate, they will order on their own forms to complete a formal trail for Medicare audits if required. A Dr must have a clear reason to order Medicare funded testing.

Telehealth is the same as visiting a doctor. You can have a general health consultation and will be charged a consultation fee starting at anywhere from $15 to approx $49. However, blood test requests are limited, Medicare conditions apply.

To be fair Drs will do their best for you, they are just constrained by these rules and cant just hand out any test you ask for. There are limits to Medicare funds.

iMedical is different. You can have anything you want.

Dr is always best

It is always best for your health concerns to be initiated and followed up with your Dr. Your Dr will investigate and appropriately order tests if needed. Your Dr can then review results in context correctly and provide any treatment if required.

Your Health data, your right to access it

This doesn’t remove or negate your right to access whatever test you would like to have for whatever reasons you have. It is your body, your blood and your money! You have the absolute right to access this information. iMedical completely supports this and removes this Medicare barrier.

Will I need to have a second consult to see my results?

Imedical does not require a follow up appointment to provide your results. Results are automatically and directly emailed to you, along with easy to understand referrence ranges for abnormal and normal and to what degree yours are.

A link to a PDF download to your mobile is also provided. If you have set up a dashboard with your order, then results and information about tests ordered and progress are posted here.

iMedical is different. You do not need to ask for a Doctor's permission. All abnormal tests results are reviewed by iMedicals AHPRA Registered Doctors and if required we direct you to appropriate medical care. This is included in the initial blood test fee. There are no additional fees.

As an option we also have a dedicated iMedical Staff Dr here you can book a teleconsult with to discuss any results, or anything for this matter. 


With iMedical, you can order and get an instant referral. Then, you only need to visit your local pathology lab. We email your results within 24/48 hours. Some rarer test may take longer.

Imedical not only saves you money and time, it guarantees you can order *any blood tests without refusal – thats the iMedical difference.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

*subject to availablitiy in Australia and by Laboratories. Some very rare genetic tests and others may only be available by Specialist's order with specific diagnosis and Clinical notes. These are usually non orderable by GP's regardless. 

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