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A cost effective way to keep your team healthy and reduce absenteeism!

Workplace Flu Shots

Operating in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, ACT, Perth, Adeliade and surrounding areas.

We specialize in workplace Influenza Vaccinations. iMEDICAL is a company with AHPRA registered Doctors.

We come to you

No hidden charges, GST clearly advised.
Prepayment not required.
No charge for ‘no-shows’.

iMedical is cold-chain compliant. Vaccine temperatures monitored right up until vaccination to ensure viability.

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Influenza Vaccine 2019

Questions about workplace Influenza vaccinations here

We are open from from 6am to 8pm 6 days.

iMEDICAL's Workplace Flu Shot Vaccination Program ensures your staff are protected against the flu.

We make Onsite Flu Shots easy, providing Influenza vaccinations since 2006 to approximatley 300 Companies a year within Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and surrounding areas.

Our professional immunization team of Registered Nurses and qualified Medical Practitioners will visit your workplace at a time that suits your staff.

Online patient appointment booking system - We handle it all for you!

  • Online patient appointment booking system.
  • iMedical is a Medical Company run with Doctors.
  • Voucher system.
  • All consent and relevant paperwork supplied by iMedical.
  • Efficient and seamless.
  • Advice from Doctors if required.
  • You are not charged for 'no shows'.

Easy and Seamless

Our Online Booking System available for your staff to make their appointment. This is our own iMedical custom booking system. Robust and simple to use. It is not a third-party website. Workplace managers have full admin access to their particular calendars.

You can call us at any time to ask questions and arrange bookings. We can move on a dime for you.

Everything needed for your flu shot clinic is handled by us - paperwork, vaccine information, what to expect. Just let us know when you would like us to visit your premises and we can take it from there!

We provide on-site 24/7 Workplace Flu Vaccination Services

If you would like iMEDICAL to come to your premises at a convenient time to perform vaccinations and medical services, please call or email us.

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