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Priority Advisory Group

Chris is exceptionally efficient and provides a great service. He is always quick to respond to any queries, and to contact our clients to arrange bookings. We have never been disappointed.

ANZ Private

We have been using iMedical for several years and cannot speak highly enough about Chris and his team. We work in one of the Big 4 and specialise in the insurance needs for our HNW clients.  Chris is always happy to meet the demands of our client’s limited availability and always ensures that his service is efficient and easy for everyone involved.  We can always depend on iMedical to service our clients.

Pepper Money

We have been using iMedical for several years now and enjoy their quick, simple and affordable service. Chris is very responsive to our queries and will actively seek a solution to satisfy our requests even at short notice. The flu vaccination service they provide is safe, professional and efficient with minimal disruption to daily operations. We will definitely be going with iMedical again next year. Will Fiedler, Human Resources


I use imedical for private self referred pathology testing & the process is great!! When I've had questions about tests, they've been answered quickly & honestly, which I value highly. Thanks so much Chris, great service!


Very friendly and professional environment! Recommend


During a holiday in Cairns I needed to get a couple of blood tests done and did them with iMedical. I was really impressed at how easy it was to organise at short notice (would be a lot more difficult & beaurocratic in my hometown Munich!). The online ordering system is simple and worked no problems, there was no waiting and a very nice nurse at the collection point and the results were in my inbox in no time at all. Thank you very much for the excellent service!


The work was great. Well done!!!

Andrea Callegari

Fantastic service. Very professional, timely answer and quick results. Would recommend to everyone


I have no formal medical training. But my father in law was director of emergency 30+ years ago, read many medical articles. I know the doctors are missing something with my thyroid not testing it, with Medicare refusing to pay for many tests until theres that many symptoms, there really isn't a need you're so ill. Thank God you exist I'll be able to put it in front of them in black and white.


Very fast efficient services.


Quick easy and professional service- Chris and the team do an exceptional job

Karin knight

I have been using imedical services for over a year and have found the service excellent. I would highly recommend this service to anyone wanting confidential testing.


Service was fast and efficient. I received the results the next morning. Very convenient given that no doctors appointment needed to get referral and they affiliated with the largest pathology companies in the country. Will definitely use again.

Alana Drew - BMF Advertising

Chris and his team from iMedical have administered the flu shots for our company for the last few years. The  service is great, not only is Chris easy to work with but provides great value for money.


Very professional service. You get what you paid for. It seems Chris and his team is on duty 24/7 as they were answering to all my questions almost immediately. Doesn't matter if I asked them daytime or in the middle of the night. Thank you very much.

Magnus FS

I have been using iMEDICAL for our client’s insurance medical needs for several years and partnering with them has made life so much easier for us and our clients. They are always friendly and very client focused - often going above and beyond for us and our clients which is why they are our pathologist of choice. If you are looking for professional and reliable service, then look no further.
Maryanne Tran Practice Manager,

Steadfast Life

We have has always found iMedical to be extremely efficient and easy to deal with – booking appointments within hours of the request! In addition, the results are always with insurers as soon as they become available which is a testament to their proficiency and reliability. Chris is highly experienced, and always a pleasure to deal with. His knowledge and expertise makes every interaction seamless, and our clients’ feedback reflects the same. We highly recommend Chris and his team to any business intent on organising medicals without a fuss.
Steadfast Life

Shadforth Finanacial Services

Our Financial service company has been using the services of IMedical for a number of years now, as our go to collector when it comes to any medical requirements for our clients in the Sydney and surrounding area and over those years we have never had any issues and our office would highly recommend them to anyone. Their high level of service provides our clients with a great client experience. At times we have needed to action medical requirement at the last moment and they have always been able to accommodate our requests even if they are given at the eleventh hour. We are always confident that the medical tests our clients require will be performed in the most professional of manners as we feel the IMedical team value our clients as much as we do. To this date we have never been disappointed in the service we have received from IMedical and we would absolutely recommend them to anyone in need of medical assessments and pathology testing in the life insurance space.
Diane and Judd

Sharon - APA

Since working with Chris and iMedical, we have always found their manner professional and very efficient. Often going beyond standard practice, they are always willing to help in any way possible to meet the needs of our clients to ensure a quick and smooth process. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Alexandria Thomaschuetz

10 years ago, I was looking for a new mobile pathologist who could book appointments efficiently and easily, making it a smooth process for my clients. An industry colleague introduced me to iMedical, telling me that he considers them as 'part of his team'. I have been using iMedical ever since, and can also honestly say, they are part of our team too! They provide an exceptional service that I am confident booking my clients through, they've never let us down. Thank you iMedical!

Cindee Cook - Keyman Financial Services

We have been working with Chris from iMedical for many years and we find their service and treatment of our clients amazing. We use iMedical services exclusively where possible and over all the years we have been dealing with them, we have only experienced efficient service which is above the general standard in this industry. Over the years our clients have reported their experience with iMedical to be positive. Well organised, punctual, friendly and in general a pleasure to deal with. We have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending this company. They are outstanding!

MBS Insurance

Chris from iMedical is fantastic! Clients are contacted within the hour of the request being sent and medicals / bloods are at insurers without delay. I am kept up to date and never have to follow up as I am always provided with the information as soon as its available. Excellent service all round. Thanks Chris!

Fairbridge Financial Services

We have used iMedical extensively for insurance medicals for our clients. iMedical always provide a reliable and extremely efficient service. From contacting the client through to providing the results to insurers - iMedical provide a great service and keeps us informed every step of the way.

Chrystal - Blenkhorn Financial Planning

I have been working with this firm for nearly five years, in that time we have always used Chris's services for our clients medicals and I have not had one error in that time. iMedical is super efficient and the most seamless. I would not use ANY OTHER company BUT imedical. Booking in the bloods has become a process i don't even need to think about. Chris always replies to any queries within minutes and he is so efficient I just could not recommend him higher!!! thank you !!

Dianna Pecherczyk - Diamond Blue Financial Services

I have been using iMedical for over 7 years and cannot speak highly enough about Chris. Having worked for an insurance company and also as an Adviser, I have always been impressed with the level of professionalism and high customer service provided. Our clients have also come back to us commenting on how good & professional Chris is, and how he made them feel comfortable in what can be very personal situations. Also, I have referred many other advisers to iMedical's services, all of whom have also been very impressed. The results are processed quickly and the level of communication throughout the process is amazing. Five star service that I couldn't imagine running our business without you. Keep it up & thank you!!

Secure Parking

Organising groups of office staff to be in one place all at one time is pretty tough - using iMedical to have everyone vaccinated in a few short minutes is so easy!  Chris makes the process so simple and the nurses that come out are very friendly and professional. We have used iMedical for the last 3 years and will continue to reply on them for our office flu shots. I would definitely recommend Chris and his team!

Catherine - CHAMP Private Equity

We have used Chris and the iMedical team for several years to administer our office's flu shots and are more than happy with the service. The whole process from beginning to end is friendly, professional and efficient. Recommend very highly.

Corinthian Doors

Chris and his team are extremely professional to deal with, and were always prompt to assist with any query that I had throughout the process (start to finish). Flu shots flowed seamlessly throughout the day. iMedical provide a reliable and safe service.

International Fashion Group

We have been using Imedical for about 3 years and we highly respect Chris. He is very professional, kind and always very informative. He will spend time explaining the procedure and possible side effects to all the newbies. He also has a great sense of humour and this creates a very relaxed environment which makes the patients feel very much at ease and not nervous. I strongly recommend Chris and his team. Maria

Flu vaccines Geelong

Jacqui was an absolute pleasure to have issue our flu vaccines this year. This was our first time using iMedical and we will definitely book in with you again next year. She was so organised, friendly, accommodating and efficient. Thanks for a great service Jacqui!


Quick and easy! Recommend 100%


This is the first time I ordered a private blood test. The process was very easy and Chris was helpful explaining how it works. I will be using iMedical for my next private test. I Recommend using iMedical. Thanks

Maria S

Amazing service from Chris at i medical. Well priced, extremely fast and efficient. Results received within a day! Fantastic service. Thankyou!


Great service, very quick results and iMedical are easily contactable and friendly.


The most easiest and simplest way to get your bloods done and provides great feedback on the results .my go to doctor from now on .


I got my results within one day, if i had gone through a gp it would have required time off work to schedule appointments. Will be using them again for my check ups.


Chris has been a pleasure to deal with, great customer service and timely results! Thanks Chris


Chris was great to deal with. Highly recommend using his services.


I love how fast all the process was! In less than 24 hrs I payed for the tests, went to the lab and received the results.


Quick, easy & very convenient, highly recommend. I will definitely be using iMedical again :)

Message from imedical Director

Dear Private Bloods clients. We very much appreciate you taking the time to add a few words and review us. May we suggest to use Google reviews if you are so inclined to leave a review. These sort of reviews can look fake as they don't have any other corresponding info. But we certainly know each one of you though and am grateful for taking extra time to do this for us.

We tend to leave this area for the Companies we work with. Regardless, thank you. imedical.


Professional, Efficient service and a friendly staff

Colin Stewart

Great service, super easy to organise and fast reporting. Can highly recommend.


iMedical are an excellent service to use, it is fast, very efficient and cost effective. It is especially valuable when living in regional Australia and Doctors appointments can be difficult to get and tests are needed urgently. Chris and iMedical offers an excellent solution for this. I will definitely be using this service again and would highly recommend it to others. From testing to receiving results was within the day.


iMedical is a great service. I am travelling for a year and need periodic thyroid tests. I was able to purchase it online and then take the form to any of the specified labs (there are many) and get the test done at my convenience, without an appointment. Results were back in under 24 hrs, which was great! If I'm back in Australia in the future, I will definitely use iMedical again!!!!


Easy, efficient system, with no difficulty communicating as results come in. An excellent option.


Very good


I have used imedical a couple of times because I was getting nowhere with my GP to get to the bottom of my problems. As an allied health professional I have a little medical knowledge and had deduced from my symptoms what the issue might be. Thanks to imedical’s very efficient and cost effective service I was able to test and get a prompt diagnosis. Might have saved my life, if not saved me years of ill health and drawn out drs appointments!!!!


Highly recommend - turnaround time for tests was quick.


***** service, great to deal with. Would highly recommend Chris.


Great service, very much appreciated


Thanks to Chris for very quick and professional service!


Very happy with Imedical. I was able to access pathology testing without being interrogated or judged. This has given me piece of mind and empowered me to be able to have more control/say in my healthcare plan. The service was very straight forward, correspondence and results were promptly returned. Thank you so much for making this service available.


Very happy with the service provided extremely quick turn-around.

Geoffrey Armstrong

5 stars. I received excellent service from iMedical. Efficient, excellent communication, prompt service. My requests were taken care of by Chris Betro, who went above and beyond, for my benefit. I can highly recommend iMedical.


Thank you imedical. They were professional, very easy to work with and quickly responsed. I would defenatly recommende!


So simple and cost effective. I had my results in my Inbox in less than 12 hours! Thank you.

Carolyn Wright

I purchased a personal blood test but when I went to Clinical Labs, the pathologist said it was a commercial blood test and I couldn’t get my results urgently which is what I asked Chris on the phone for. 

Hi CW.
I think the confusion was that the collector told you they wont send you (the patient) the results. This is correct protocol, the labs never send directly to the partient, only the Dr or referrer (us). I suspect you may of been upset and confused as you left the rooms and wrote this review. Understandable. 

But I see you had you bloods done in the morning and received all results at exaclty 5.36pm that same day. This would be regarded as urgently received.

A lot of the time some random collectors in the rooms have no idea what they are talking about. Always best to just simply call us immediatley if anything doesnt seem right and we will sort it out. We have been doing this many years. 

I understand no way for you to delete this review after you realised all was as promised. But i thought  to at least explain publically. No hard feelings :)
Kind regards, chris@imedical


Extremely quick results. I would highly recommend their services


Very fast and professional


The best pathology services received from Chris. Responded fast, Returned calls promptly and blood results were easy to understand. Highly recommended.

Carolina Arriagada

5 stars


Great service, professional and easy


Fast, efficient, professional service. Would definitely recommend.


great service got my bloods done on Tuesday and had the results Tuesday night. same day. fantastic. will use again.


Very efficient, professional and easy to organise!


Highly recommend I-Medical for blood tests, the results come through quick and the test centres are efficient!


Great service. Chris is always in early, answers emails promptly and results usually in next day. Love imedical

Leeanne Talbot

Fantastically quick service. Dont have to wait days to go to GP. Just order yourself! Telephone number provided if you get into difficulty

Lynda B.

Used this service to get blood results my GP refused to do. Fast and efficient. Thank you Chris, much appreciated.


I’ve used iMedical a few times to keep track of my thyroid hormones while abroad. Quick and easy and very helpful.

Kanokwan P

My 1st time with iMedical and I don’t have any problems at all. And I’ve been recommended iMedical to my family and friends!! Definitely my favourite place to order blood test! Thank you so much xox

Olivia Pear e

These guys are life savers! When becoming pregnant many women go through the stress of having to wait to get normal blood tests back for 1-2 days in order to see if their hormone levels have rises (pregnancy has progressed). My results came back in under 8 hours after having my bloods done how crazy is that. I will definitely be using them again for my future blood tests that I want back ASAP.


So much easier & efficient that doing through a doctor appointment- cheaper too

Milan Bdza

Excellent response to tests order, very good customer service via email every questions was responded to instantly and assisted where required. Thank you Chris


there are many types of blood tests to select. imedical offers a competitive price for any blood tests.


Thanks for good service very professional approach

John Cummings

Great professional service, all our glazing crews vaccinated onsite. Friendly staff

Sean Chamberlin

Extremely happy with how fast and easy the whole process was to order & receive blood tests. Report was also very easy to understand. Recommend.


I have been using iMedical for my thyroid function tests for years. Chris has always been excellent to deal with. My results are often back in under 24 hours. Reliable, prompt and very good value.


Fast, efficient, reliable service. No problem recommending this to anyone who wants control of their own blood tests and who wants results in 24 hours which they can then promptly act on with diet or supplements (or medication if relevant).


Great services, very fast feedback.


Amazing and fast service! Totally worth paying the money.


I cannot thank the team at Imedical enough, got me through a difficult time without the added indignity of standing in front of a judge mental GP. Worth every cent.

Aninda Atapattu

Myself & Wife are Overseas Residents (without Medicare ) having a long Holiday in Australia due to COVID.! Your service of providing Quality Certified Pathology Reports at very nominal rates, without a Doctor's referral has saved us a lot of money!! . Chris we very much appreciate & value your personalised service. We will definitely inform our friends, other Overseas Residents, of the services offered by you. Aninda & Della.(Melbourne).

Nina Majewski

Thank you for a very smooth service and prompt responses. Would highly recommend.

Michael Harpain

I was very happy to jump on line and order my own blood test!! No need to see a GP, Got my results in the quick response and give me a peace of mind!! Thank you imedical


so happy I found this service. I knew the blood tests I needed and thanks to this great service I did not have to go to a GP for the order and then for the results. Very convenient and efficient, love it. Thank you so much


I am traveling outside my home country during pregnancy and needed to complete some standard prenatal testing. Through iMedical I was able to order all of the testing for a very affordable price. I chose what tests I wanted, paid online, received my referral form by email, and then looked up a participating lab on the website. I received my results 24 hours after the blood draw. It was a seamless experience start to finish, and I was so impressed I had to come on here to leave a review!

Kate Fraser

Had my Cortisol and DHEA tested, the process is amazing and saved time & money by not having to visit a GP. I had my results direct to my phone within 24hrs! Definitely using this service again.

Stuart Cox

Such a professional and comprehensive service. I was kept informed every step of the way with the blood analysis undertaken and had all of my results (circa 20 tests) competed within the week. I highly recommend this service.


Take control of your own health and get the test you want and when you want them , quicker and cheaper then going to the Dr , brilliant service

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