Preventing illness & managing your staffs health

iMEDICAL provides Workplace Vaccinations, Life Insurance medicals and Self request Pathology. Available 24/7 - 364 days a year (not Xmas).

Australia wide Self requested Pathology testing

On site qualified core staff consist of an AHPRA registered Dr (MBBS), 2 Scientists (Scientific Officer G1), 20 year veteran A+E RN and 6 casual Registered Nurses. 

Workplace Flu Vaccinations

We provide Onsite Flu (Influenza) Vaccinations in the Workplace with our corporate flu shots service to companies in Australia.
Prevent the Flu in the workplace in a cost effective manner. 

iMEDICAL provides Australia wide self requested Pathology testing.

No GP referral required.

Every Pathology test available. NATA accredited testing available across Australia. Please visit our private blood tests page to enquire about this service.

Founded in 2006, we provide Medical services to approximately
300 companies and 14 Life Insurance companies each year

We offer the following four specialized Medical services:

  • Executive and Staff Health screening
  • Corporate Vaccinations
  • Life Insurance house call Medical assessments
  • Australia wide self request Pathology - Direct to Public

iMEDICALs house call Life insurance medical services include a full range of pathology, medical house and work calls.

  • Quick check assessments
  • Paramedical assessments
  • All Pathology
  • GP House calls for Life Insurance Medicals
  • Specialist Medicals (at Practice only) 
  • Stress ECG tests (at Practice only)
  • Stress Echocardiograms (at Practice only)
  • Resting ECG house calls
  • Blood pressure
  • Lung function tests/Spirometry house calls

We provide a 6am to 4.30pm 5 day phone service for any related queries. Call 02 9439 8409 or contact us.

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